Bilden "the Celtic Knot - the sacred thread of life" är gjord av Ingrid Källmark, Fristad och given till mig i gåva av några av mina elever i samband med yoga kurs. Den kommer ej helt till sin rätt på foto då den i verkligheten innehåller guld färg o stänk samt kärlek förstås, men du kan nog ana... :o)



The thread of life,


"The human soul it is believed is a fragment of the divine,

and will ultimately return to it`s divine source.


Through succesive rebirths the soul rids itself of it`s accumulated, inherited impurities, until it finally achieves the goal of perfection.

The interlaced knot work patterns with their unbroken lines, symbolise the process of man`s eternal spiritual growth.

When the cord is unravelled, it leads us on - to reach the heart of our nature. "


The horse will lead us on our way - if we are willing to listen.

                                                                                                            - from the Celtic Art Source Book